ITU ACM algoComp'19



The Contest

ITU ACM algoComp'20 is an organization in which we bring together young talents with the pioneers in the industry around programming challenges testing algorithmic skills.

There will be an online first round and Top 15 teams will be invited for the Final Round and compete for the grand prize!



6 March 2020

Last Registration Day for algoComp'20


13-14-15 March 2020(72 Hours)

Online Qualification

22 March 2020

Online Qualification Results will be announced with Finalists

11-12 April 2020

Final Round




ITU algoComp'20, brings together 15 of the most talented algorithm enthusiasts and gives them an opportunity to create a community as they wish.


Thanks to our wide network, those who manage to come to the finals will expand their connections that they have with both sector and academy.

Challenge Yourself

The quality of algoComp comes from the quality of the challenges it provides. algoComp is a great chance for you to see your place among top competitive programmers and to improve yourself in algorithms as well as computer science.


Prizes will be announced soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for the AlgoComp'20 ?

You can apply to the algoComp'20 if you are a student in high school or a university regardless of your major. (Associate and PhD Students are very much welcome to apply)

How many people can I apply with ?

You can compete yourself or with your team. (A team of 2 or 3 members) It is always adviced to attend with a team of 3 to make your chance higher to win. It is not possible to apply with more than 3 contestants.

Which languages will be used to answer the questions ?

Your goal is to write a program that solves the problem to find the correct outputs for given inputs. Teams are going to be able to use C, C++ , C#, Java, Python2, Python3, Haskell languages. You can always answer different questions with different languages.

How will the qualifying round be ?

A link will be sent to teams on 1st of February if they were successfully applied until 30 January 2019 23:59 through an e-mail. Teams are going to login to their accounts via the information they were given. Qualifying Round will take 48 hours and the first 15 teams will be announced as Finalists.

What is waiting for us on Final Round ?

After the opening, the algoComp'20 starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m. after various events like workshops and instructions. Then we will go to a restaurant for dinner. A similar schedule will apply for 2nd day too. With a little addition. We will announce our lucky competitors for their surprise gifts and our winners for their prizes. After the ceremony, the marathon ends.

We are coming from another city/country. What expenses are you going to cover for us ?

We are going to cover for your accommodation for 2 nights. Breakfast and lunch will be served on both days without any cost. We will not be covering your transportation in Istanbul. But we will be asking for your universities to cover your transportation to come from other cities/countries. Detailed information will be sent as an e-mail to the qualifiers for the final.


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